Market Fresh™

A healthy, hearty, grab & go restaurant
where food is made fresh daily.

family owned since 1990.

our food
Our foods are arranged buffet style for your convenience and visual pleasure. When you are done composing your plate, we charge you for only the food you chose from our buffet based on weight.
We’re nearby. Come say hi!
We love hearing from our customers. In fact, we started our breakfast bar from one of our regular customer’s suggestions. We have 4 locations throughout Seattle and one in Bellevue, WA.

Featured Dishes

Broccoli Chicken Breast Salad

A protein rich option that comes straight from our salad bar. A medley of pulled chicken, red onion, broccoli and red bell pepper swimming in a roasted garlic oil.

Baked Salmon

A simple healthy baked salmon lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Our freshly baked salmon is topped with thinly sliced lemons to bring out a zesty twist.

Quinoa Cranberry Salad

Tangy, sweet and savory ingredients mixed together serendipitously to bring color to your plate and taste buds. In one chomp you will get an assortment of quinoa, dried cranberries, diced apples, walnuts, red onion, and kale.

Pesto Pasta

This indulgently delightful dish is made with fresh pesto, sundried tomatoes, and topped with freshly grated parmesan. This dish offers the savory tone to your overall dish and is great when paired the protein available in our Salad Bar!
Our Story

Market Fresh is a family owned business that brings freshly made hearty and healthy foods for our customers. Our recipes have been tried and true throughout the years. The concept of Market Fresh began in 1990 when the owner of a deli grocery realized that his customers wanted better access to well prepared healthy foods. He built a small salad bar to test the idea and the concept took off. Shortly after, he was able to focus around the salad bar and it organically spread throughout Seattle with the enthusiasm and support of the Market Fresh family.

Each location is family owned and strives to connect great people to delightful, simple food options. Our customers inspire us to try new ideas and recipes. Each family curates their buffets based off of what they think their customers enjoy. We hope to see you soon!